Complete Nutrition picture available from Rock River Laboratory

Wisconsin State Farmer

WATERTOWN - Rock River Laboratory announces the release of its new Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis package. Now available for nutritionists seeking a full spectrum nutritive view of TMR, forage, and corn grain ration components, this new package uses Near-Infrared (NIR) analysis to offer a new vision toward optimizing herd performance.

“The Comprehensive Nutrition package is the most inclusive analysis on the market today,” explains Zac Meyer, Rock River Laboratory director of operations. “Our customers were looking to fill in the gaps of feedstuff analysis value in order to garner greater insight on ration performance and improve diet formulation. This new package offers just that by combining advanced dietary analyses with accurate new analyses.”

Featuring Total Fatty Acids (TFA) and individual fatty acids analysis, Total Amino Acids (TAA) and individual amino acid (calculated from TAA) measurements, and multi-time point starch digestion analysis, including an improved starch kd using multiple time points, the Comprehensive Nutrition package paints a complete picture of what potential a feedstuff contributes within a dairy diet.

“Multiple starch digestion time points at 0, 3, 7 and 16 hours allow Comprehensive Nutrition package users a better view of rumen starch metabolism,” explains Rock River Laboratory’s animal nutrition, research and innovation director, John Goeser. “These measures are the result of our accurate, research-backed in situ starch digestion analysis that agrees with what the cows have to say.”

The new measurements warranted a fresh, easy-read results report to maximize data output. The report still features the 60-day and 4-year averages that Rock River Laboratory includes on all analysis results reports along with Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF) and starch rumen digestion graphs, which allow nutritionists to better visualize rumen carbohydrate digestion, while also ranking client feedstuffs against solid benchmarks.

Nutritionists interested in utilizing the new Comprehensive Nutrition package can choose “Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis” on a Rock River Laboratory Feed Request Form (downloaded at, or within the FeedScan sample submission app.

Founded in 1976, Rock River Laboratory is a family-owned laboratory network that provides production assistance to the agricultural industry through the use of advanced diagnostic systems, progressive techniques and research-supported analyses.