Chaney twins announce new book

Wisconsin State Farmer
“Ranching — It's All About Family”

Rianna and Sheridan Chaney are excited to announce the eighth book in the Chaney Twin's Ag Series, “Ranching — It's All About Family.”

This book not only introduces several new ranching practices such as calving sheds, solar panels to pump water and drones used in agriculture, but it highlights the many faces of the American Ranch Family — showing the incredible faith, community, work ethnic and above all, commitment to the land, cattle and product ranchers produce.

“Ranching — It's All About Family” features two kinds families, a five-generational ranching family in Torrington, Wyoming (the Ochsners) and the Cross Diamond ranch family in Nebraska owned by Scott and Kim Ford, where many families make up the workforce including Rianna and Sheridan's dad, Lee Chaney.

For more information about the Chaney Twins' Ag Books or to order a book, visit or call Rebecca Chaney at 240-446-4557 or 308-785-8064. Books are $12 each. Eight-book bundle discounts are available as well as Box discounts for ag groups.