Dairyland Seed Company makes $100,000 gift to Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center

Now Media Group

Dairyland Seed announced it will support the development of the Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center with a gift of $100,000.

The proposed state-of-the-art center will provide visitors with the opportunity to connect with agriculture through a better understanding of where their food comes from and its tremendous impact on their lives.

'Providing the best opportunity for success in farming operations is Dairyland Seed's focus. We take pride in knowing the Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center will emphasize the impact agriculture right here in Wisconsin has on the world,' said Tom Strachota, general manager of Dairyland Seed.

'Wisconsin is a hub of agricultural excellence and an educational center will showcase the importance of our industry,' said TJ Strachota, communications leader of Dairyland Seed. 'This commitment is a way for us to give back to agriculture and join producers in its promotion.'

The proposed facility will include a discovery center featuring hands-on learning opportunities through many displays, 200 person conference center, a café, country store and an opportunity to tour Grotegut Dairy Farm. A highlight for visitors will be the chance to view the live birth of calves from the Grotegut Dairy Farm at the Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center in the Birthing Barn.

This noteworthy gift to the Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center will support the farm tour shuttles. The shuttles will transport visitors to and from the Grotegut Dairy Farm, a farm that focuses on sustainability and best farming practices while milking 2,400 cows three times a day.

'Dairyland Seed Company puts farmers like myself first. They understand farming is a tough job that demands advancements if we want to feed the growing population,' said Doug Grotegut of WAEC. 'With their commitment to the Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center, Dairyland Seed will be partnering with us to show how much work goes into production agriculture.'

'Dairyland Seed Company is a well-known business throughout Wisconsin and a leader research and new seed technology,' said Melissa Bender, executive director of the Wisconsin Agricultural Education Center. 'We are beyond ecstatic for their continued support of agriculture in Wisconsin with this generous investment in the center.'