Raise a glass for local dairy farmers on World Milk Day

Wisconsin State Farmer
Despite decreases from the top two states, milk production increased across the nation in May.

ST. PAUL, MN - Milk is the simplest form of nutrition. Nothing is more real, pure or natural. Kemps is celebrating World Milk Day on June 1 as a way to remind everyone that drinking milk provides nutritional benefits such as natural protein, calcium and potassium.

In honor of World Milk Day, Kemps is encouraging milk drinkers to celebrate this day by sharing their milk photos on social media using the hashtag #kempscows. All photos posted with #kempscows will be eligible for a chance to win a year’s worth of Kemps milk and a visit to a local dairy farm.

In addition, Kemps wants to acknowledge local dairy farmers who are dedicated and passionate about raising healthy cows and delivering milk to our local communities.

“It’s easy to forget that milk is the original farm to table product because so many of us grew up knowing it would be on our kitchen tables every day,” said Rachel Kyllo, senior vice president at Kemps.

There’s nothing else with the nutritional density or dollar-for-dollar value that milk provides. Plant and nut based alternatives contain less protein and are filled with additives to include what comes naturally from cow’s milk. 
“World Milk Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate one of the simple joys in life,” Kyllo continued. “We’re encouraging milk drinkers everywhere to raise a glass today and share it on social media as a way to thank the farmers for the work they do every day.”
Kemps released a video, highlighting the journey of milk – from the cows to the farmers to our kitchen tables.

For more information about Kemps and the photo sweepstakes, visit kemps.com.