Police pick up cute intruders: A pair of pygmy goats

Wisconsin State Farmer

BELFAST, ME (AP) - Police in Maine have picked up some adorable intruders after two miniature goats escaped from their home and wandered the streets.

Two lost pygmy goats get a ride in a police cruiser after being reported in a woman's garage on Sunday, April 23, 2017.

A Belfast police officer responded on the morning of April 30 to find the pygmy goats in a woman's garage. They had been snacking on cat food. Officer Daniel Fitzpatrick used a cat leash to lead them into his squad car.

The trio drove around looking for the goats' owner as Fitzpatrick fed them carrots and celery.

Sgt. Daniel Fitzpatrick of the Belfast Police Department in Belfast, ME, drives around with two lost goats in his police car, looking for their owner. The owner’s daughter saw a police Facebook post about the lost goats and came down to the station to retrieve them.

Belfast is a seaport town about 45 miles east of Augusta.

The daughter of the goats' owner saw Fitzpatrick's Facebook post and picked up the pair, named Louis and Mowgli — but not before Fitzpatrick snapped a selfie with the duo.

Fitzpatrick called the runaways "good company" and joked about adding patrol goats to the next police budget.

This pair of  goats - Louis and Mowgli - were walking on a road in Belfast, ME, and then entered a woman’s garage before a police officer picked them up.