Villagers corral loose llama

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It took a village and two hours to corral an uncooperative llama named Ethel who escaped from her pasture in rural Colorado and wandered near some busy roadways.

The Boulder County Sheriff's Office tweeted a wanted poster with a photo of the wayward animal and the hashtag #LlamaOnTheLoose. It's an amended version of the one made famous by a pair of Ethel's elusive brethren, whose romp through a Phoenix-area neighborhood stole the national spotlight last year.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Carrie Haverfield says Ethel's owner called Tuesday asking for help to get the llama home after she wandered into another pasture. An animal control officer and a deputy tried to wrangle Ethel, but she proved difficult to capture and more help had to be called in.

At one point, passers-by formed a human fence. She was ultimately herded back into her pasture.