Genetic Merit awards introduced

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Holstein Association USA is introducing a new award at 2016 National and National Junior Holstein Shows, recognizing the top Total Performance Index® (TPI®) animal in each class, called the Genetic Merit Award.

'It is a great opportunity for us to acknowledge animals competing in our National Holstein Shows with superior genetic merit. This gives us another way to add value to Registered Holsteins® and reward their hard-working breeders,' says Jodi Hoynoski, executive director, holstein identification and member services.

To be eligible for the award, animals must be registered with Holstein Association USA. They must have a GTPI®, or milking animals may have a CTPI®. Animals with genomic values will only be considered if they were tested prior to the most recent national genetic evaluation, which takes place three times per year, in April, August and December.

The award will be given to the highest ranking animal in each heifer and milking cow class that is recognized on the Holstein Association USA Uniform Class List.

Holstein Association USA will be presenting winners with neck medallions, recognizable with their green ribbon, at the ten 2016 National Holstein Shows and four 2016 National Junior Holstein Shows.

With questions or for more information about this new award, contact Jodi Hoynoski 800-952-5200 ext. 4261 or