Michigan duck wins nation-wide Miss Flock-Tober pageant

Wisconsin State Farmer

BELLEVUE, MI - A Michigan duck is the Grand Prize winner in the second-annual Miss Flock-Tober pagean sponsored by Purina Poutry.

A Michigan duck named Baby Girl is the first duck to win the Miss Flock-Tober contest sponsored by Purina Poultry.

Mindie Dittemore of Bellevue, MI, is the proud flock raiser of Miss Flock-Tober - a duck named Baby Girl — and subsequently the first duck to ever win the contest.

"This contest has really brought attention to how ducks can be great backyard companions and that is what I was hoping for," Mindie says. "After Baby Girl won the round of Miss Performance earlier in the contest, I was so excited to have a duck in the final four competing for Miss Flock-Tober. Winning the entire contest is icing on the cake."

Baby Girl captured the title after competing with more than 1,000 poultry across the country as part of annual Purina Flock-Tober festivities. As the reigning queen of Flock-Tober, Mindie and Baby Girl will receive a year's supply of poultry feed.

“Not only does Baby Girl produce an egg a day, she sometimes hatches those eggs into beautiful little ducklings," says Mindie. "She takes performance to the next level with her amazing maternal skills. We can always count on her for fresh eggs and a yearly hatching of total cuteness!”

The three other finalists that competed with Baby Girl in the Miss Flock-Tober pageant:

  • Miss Congeniality: Morgan Hay with a hen named Moon - Bastrop, TX
  • Miss Fancy Feathers: Alicia Petersen with a hen named Penny Chicken  - Winder, GA.
  • Miss Helpful: Candace Peters with a hen named Lenny - Marion, N.C.