People with respiratory concerns may want to be careful during outside activities on Sunday.

Maricopa County's Air Quality Department is advising residents of a health watch for possible unhealthful air Sunday. Under a health watch, the level of an air pollutant is expected to approach the federal health standard.

People with respiratory or other health problems that make them sensitive to air pollution may want to limit their outdoor activity during a health watch, according to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

Residents were advised to try to telecommute or carpool.

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According to ADEQ officials, the Woodbury Fire is still active and providing plenty of smoke across the Valley. While smoke moved away from the Valley on Saturday, ADEQ advised light winds Sunday morning may move some smoke into the east and northeast areas of the Valley.

While the smoke levels may not reach the level of unhealthful standards, people may notice it and smell it.

By later Sunday into Monday, another weak trough will move into the area, bringing breezes and cloud cover. With the later clouds Sunday, there will still be time for ozone to accumulate so an ozone health watch may come Sunday, according to an ADEQ forecast.

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