Detroit Free Press to offer subscriber-only stories: What to know

Detroit Free Press

Beginning Wednesday, some articles on freep.com will be designated as “subscriber-only.” A digital subscription will be required to access those articles.

Also, a new design of the freep.com site will be in place. Both changes take place at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time.

Here's an FAQ of what to know about these changes.

Which articles are restricted?

Certain articles on our digital platforms is marked "FOR SUBSCRIBERS.” These are the articles that are being offered exclusively to our full access and digital subscribers. Generally, it is our most in-depth and resource-intensive journalism. When clicking on subscriber-only articles— if you are not subscribed — you will see an ad that says the article is for subscribers only. From there, you can subscribe. The initial rate is $3 for three months. Subscribers who are not logged in can click on the ad, sign in and access the article. 

Why are they restricted?

Paid subscriptions are critical to ensuring that our journalists continue producing high-quality work for Detroit and the region. Editors select which articles are restricted — primarily they will be  our large projects, investigative work and other journalism that is resource- and time-intensive — and ask our readers to support local journalism by subscribing.

Are there still free articles?

Yes. Most of the journalism on our site and in our apps is still available to everyone.

Why has your strategy changed?

We continually evaluate the best ways to serve our readers, while ensuring the financial viability of our newsrooms. Across the industry, we have concluded that consumers — people like you who are willing to pay for the high-quality journalism we create — are critical to our future sustainability and success.

Do I need to buy a new subscription, or will my old one work?

If you are already a print or e-edition subscriber, you do not need to buy a new subscription. All subscribers, including digital-only and full-access (print+digital), can sign in and access restricted articles.

If you are signed in but still hit the paywall, your digital account may not be linked to your subscription. To link your digital account to your subscription, visit https://subscribe.freep.com/account-lookup

How do I sign up to read these articles if I don’t have a subscription?

If you aren’t a subscriber, we would appreciate your support. Sign up at:


Why did you redesign your website?

Our top priorities were to create a faster, better organized site that provides a more streamlined experience for our readers, with a modern look and feel.

Is the font style or size of the stories changing?

Yes. The new font is more modern, and slightly larger in size on our article pages, making it more readable on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Why is the navigation different?

The new navigation makes it easier to find the journalism you care about most. Previously driven by traditional print sectioning, our new site highlights the stories that are most popular with our digital readers.

Do I need to download a new mobile app, or update the one I have downloaded?

There is no app update, and users will not have to redownload their existing app.  “Subscriber-only" articles in our mobile app will launch on a later date.

Will you provide a customer feedback form with the redesign?

There is an invitation to provide feedback on the redesign on the right-hand side of the home page.

How will this change the newsletter(s) I currently receive?

Changes to our newsletter will be minimal. Some stories included in the newsletter will carry a "For Subscribers" label to identify them as subscriber-only stories.

Having trouble signing up or with your subscription?

Contact customer service at 1-800-395-3300 or email custserv@michigan.com. Hours are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday, closed Saturday, 7 a.m.-11 a.m Sunday and holidays.

Questions about our journalism?

Email city@freepress.com and editors will reply.