The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile's name has changed. Here's what to know.

Hannah Kirby
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Well, hot diggity dog. The hot dog on wheels that's been relished as the Wienermobile since 1936 has a new name for the first time, The Kraft Heinz Company announced Wednesday.

Oscar Mayer, which got its start in the late 1800s, had been headquartered in Madison for nearly 100 years before relocating to Chicago in 2015. 

It's a part of the Kraft Heinz food and beverage company, which was created in 2015 through the combination of Pittsburgh-based Heinz and suburban Chicago-based Kraft, which was engineered by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital, according to a previous Journal Sentinel report.

Here's what to know, from the Wienermobile's new name to why its name was changed:

The iconic hot dog on wheels that's been known as the Wienermobile since 1936 has a new name for the first time, The Kraft Heinz Company announced Wednesday. It will now be called the Frankmobile.

What is the Wienermobile's new name?

The Frankmobile

Why was the Wienermobile's name changed?

The new name "pays homage" to the brand’s 100% beef franks and their new recipe, a news release said. The new recipe features a "more balanced" flavor profile and "iconic" beefy taste that is "more flavorful than ever," the release said.

Other changes that have been made to the vehicle

The fleet of six vehicles will have new exterior decals, including ones that say "please do not lick," the news release said.

And, the vehicles' "Wiener Whistles" will now be frank-themed "Frank Whistles."

"Oscar Mayer designed every detail of the Frankmobile to encourage people from takings things too seriously, freeing people up to enjoy themselves with seriously delicious meats," the news release said.

What will hotdoggers now be called?

Hotdoggers, aka the vehicle's spokespeople/drivers, will now be called Frankfurters.

The Hotdoggers ... err Frankfurters are recent college grads who take the hot dog on wheels across the country and represent Oscar Mayer as brand ambassadors for media appearances and interviews, at grocery retail and charity functions, and more, according to the job application.

Where to find the Frankmobile

The Frankmobile's upcoming stops can be found at It's scheduled to visit Verona, Sun Prairie and Beaver Dam in June.

People named Frank are in luck. Here's why.

Anyone named an iteration of "Frank" can stop by the Frankmobile to get a coupon for a free pack of Oscar Mayer 100% Beef Franks, the news release said.