Manure spill snarls downtown traffic in Kiel

Colleen Kottke
Wisconsin State Farmer
Manure tankers are a common sight in the fall as large farms need ways to transport liquid slurry quickly to fields far from the home operation. Some tankers can carry well over 10,000 gallons of manure at a time.

The owner of a trucking company responsible for a manure spill in downtown Kiel is making amends by offering to help clean vehicles or property impacted by the spill.

Motorists and property owners along Fremont Street received a noxious surprise Tuesday morning after a manure tanker traveling through the city accidentally leaked its load on the downtown byway and other rural roads.

Kiel Police Chief Dave Funkhouser used the department's Facebook page to warn motors against driving on Fremont Street while the clean-up continued on Tuesday. He noted that the spill runs from west of the city on County HH, through downtown Kiel (Fremont Street), south on Hwy 67 and east on County Line Road into Sheboygan County.

Funkhouser said the DNR was notified.

According to the Kiel Police Department's Facebook page, the company responsible for the spill, Tasch's Custom, LLC. of Malone met with law enforcement, apologizing for the accidental spill. Those wishing to file a claim for cleaning or damage to their vehicle or property is asked to contact the company at Tasch's Custom, LLC, N10212 St. Paul Rd., Malone, WI or call 920-795-4669.

Story will be updated when more information is available.