Reimagined World Dairy Expo show a success

Colleen Kottke
Wisconsin State Farmer
Guests young and old alike enjoy collecting swag at the Trade Show at World Dairy Expo.

The numbers are in and organizers are heralding the 2022 World Dairy Expo as a success. In the first year of digital ticket sales and only four days of admission, General Manager Laura Herschleb says 54,525 people visited the event.

Among those guests were 1,375 international attendees hailing from 86 countries. Top countries represented were Mexico, Canada, Germany, Brazil and Colombia. The demographics among the general population were broken down to the following percentages: 35% dairy farmers, 38% agribusiness professionals, 8% students, 2% retired and 17% other.

The dairy cattle show set a new Expo record. Previously set in 2008 with 2,657 animals, the 2022 show housed 2,663 animals competing in breed shows and selling at auctions during the week.

The 16 individuals selected to judge cattle on the colored shavings by Expo's visitors spent 96 hours evaluating heifers and cows. Hershcleb says changes were already in the works in the showring to maximize exhibit space prior to this record-setting year which created adequate room on the floor of the Coliseum for all of the animals and their leads-people.