Top FFA members compete for Stars Over Wisconsin honors

Colleen Kottke
Wisconsin State Farmer

Twenty-one candidates vying for the most prestigious awards presented to FFA members at the state level have been announced.

Four FFA members will be honored as 'Stars Over Wisconsin' during the fifth general session at the 93rd Wisconsin FFA Convention at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. The program will begin at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

During the week of the convention, June 13-16, the Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) programs of the State FFA Star finalists will be on display in the lobby of the Exhibition Hall, detailing the tremendous amount of time and effort that finalists put into their projects.

Finalists for the State Star Farmer, Star in Agribusiness, Star in Agricultural Placement and Star in Agriscience will gather on stage to learn which of them will be selected to stand atop the podium in the Stars Over Wisconsin contest.

Candidates for each of these respective awards are:

Star Farmer finalists, top left clockwise, Faith Beining, Nora Ganske, Owen Jones, Brayden Peter, Rachel Weyland, Megan Walter and Dillian Schwochert.

Star Farmer

The Star Farmer Award recognizes students who have expanded their knowledge and own/operate an agricultural related enterprise where they have mastered skills in production, finance and ownership management.

Vying for this award is Faith Beining, Marshfield, Nora Ganske, Waupun, Owen Jones, Randolph Cambria-Friesland, Brayden Peter, Howards Grove, Dillian Schwochert, Montello, Megan Walter, Granton, , Rachel Weyland, New London.

Stars in Agricultural Placement finalists, top row from left clockwise, Colton Alsum, Lane Branville, Hannah Daul, Claire Duch, Brandon Jakobi, Megan Walter, Luke Sprecher, Dillian Schwochert, Ahsley Loehrke and Chalee Line.

Star in Agricultural Placement

The Star in Agriculture Placement Award recognizes students who have logged numerous hours at an agriculture related business.

Vying for this award Colton Alsum, Randolph Cambria-Friesland, Lane Branville, New Auburn, Hannah Daul, Columbus, Claire Duch, New London, Brandon Jakobi, Loyal, Chalee Line, Fennimore, Ashley Loehrke, Weyawega-Fremont, Dillian Schwochert,Montello, Luke Sprecher, Sauk Prairie and Megan Walter, Granton.

Stars in Agriscience finalists from left, Amanda Bender and Wyatt Gotham.

Star in Agriscience

The Star in Agriscience Award recognizes the students who have created and developed their own science experience, conducted research and evaluated results using scientific data and technology.

This year's finalists are Amanda Bender, Big Foot, and Wyatt Gotham, New Auburn. 

Stars in Agribusiness finalist, top row from left, clockwise, Caden Broege, Isaac Hopke, Brandon Jakobi, Cameron Pokorny and Aaron Makos.

Star in Agribusiness

Star Agribusiness Award that recognizes students who have taken an active role in owning and operating their own business.

Vying for this award is Caden Broege, Clinton, Isaac Hopke, Spooner, Brandon Jakobi, Loyal, Aaron Makos, Juda, Cameron Pokorny, Waupun.

This year's finalists are Amanda Bender, Big Foot, and Wyatt Gotham, New Auburn.

Each of the candidates will receive a plaque, with the top winners of each award also earning cash prizes. The finalists were selected according to the amount of money earned in their Supervised Agricultural Experience Program.