Emmi Roth named Grand Master Cheesemaker at 2021 dairy products auction

Grace Connatser
Wisconsin State Farmer
The 2021 Governor's Blue Ribbon Dairy Products Auction sold the best of the best of Wisconsin cheese, sour cream, butter, yogurt and custard.

One of the state's largest dairy auctions, the Governor's Blue Ribbon Dairy Products Auction, made its comeback this year at the Wisconsin State Fair, selling more than 30 varieties of cheese, butter, yogurt, custard and sour cream.

Seymour-based specialty cheese producer Emmi Roth brought their "Roth Grand Cru Reserve," a nutty and creamy alpine-style cheese, to the table this year. The company was named Grand Master Cheesemaker, an award highly-sought after by cheesemakers of all kinds. Eighteen pounds of the cheese sold to Milwaukee restaurant Saz's for $100 a pound in the auction.

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"(The award) means everything. We're a specialty cheese company working in Wisconsin and we produce European-inspired, smear ripened cheeses, like the Grand Cru Reserve. So to win awards like this and have that recognition is huge," said Madeline Kuhn from Emmi Roth. "We can do the same thing that imported cheeses do, right here in Wisconsin."

Samples from each cheese included in the sale were offered to guests buffet-style, complete with crackers, fruit, jams and wine pairings. The night's highest per-pound bid settled at $700 for the Crave Brothers' chocolate mascarpone, a dessert cheese that got rave reviews.

Lots of cheeses were available for sampling, like the Emmi Roth Grand Cru Reserve that earned the company the title of Grand Master Cheesemaker.
Madeline Kuhn of Emmi Roth accepts the 2021 Wisconsin Grand Master Cheesemaker award from DATCP Sec. Randy Romanski.

The auction raises funds for the Wisconsin State Fair Dairy Promotion Board as well as student scholarships. Francesca Frederick was awarded a $1,000 scholarship; Frederick is a student at UW-Platteville in animal science and agribusiness.

The grand champions in butter, custard, sour cream and yogurt were also named:

  • Grand Champion Butter: CROPP Cooperative and Organic Valley, LaFarge
  • Grand Champion Custard: The Creamy Pig, Cedarburg
  • Grand Champion Sour Cream: Klondike Cheese Co., Monroe
  • Grand Champion Yogurt: Yodelay Yogurt, Madison and Weber's Farm Store, Marshfield

Below are all the final bids for the dairy products.

  • Mild Cheddar, 40 lbs., Team Foremost Farms - $50/lb.
  • Rindless Swiss Wheel, 20 lbs., Chalet Cheese Cooperative - $55/lb.
  • Low Moisture Part-Skim Mozzarella, 13 lbs., Agropur - $55/lb.
  • Farmers Rope String Cheese and Mascarpone, 6 lbs., Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese - $140/lb.
  • Strawberry Moon Custard, 1 gallon, The Creamy Pig - $500
  • Muenster and Pepper Havarti, 22 lbs., Decatur Dairy - $150/lb.
  • Odyssey Reduced Fat Mediterranean Flavored Feta, 10 lbs., Klondike Cheese Co. - $225/lb.
  • Deer Creek - The Stag, 20 lbs., Henning's Cheese - $75/lb.
  • Yellow Cheese Curds, 4 lbs., Ron's Wisconsin Cheese - $160/lb.
  • Chevre, 3 lbs., Clock Shadow Creamery - $90/lb.
  • Aged Asiago and Dijon Herb Rubbed Fontina, 27 lbs., Lake Country Dairy/Schuman Cheese - $150/lb.
  • American Swiss Cheese Slices, 10 lbs., AMPI's Dinner Bell Creamery - $225/lb.
  • Roth Grand Cru Reserve, 18 lbs., Emmi Roth - $100/lb.
  • Belaire-Port Sault Style and Gouda (made with Guernsey milk), 22 lbs., Hoard's Dairyman Farm Creamery - $75/lb.
  • Odyssey Vanilla Yogurt, Odyssey Greek Yogurt, Odyssey Whole Fat Yogurt, Odyssey Sour Cream and Odyssey Reduced Fat Greek Tzatziki, 10 lbs., Klondike Cheese Co. - $125/lb.
  • Natural Smoked Mixed Curds, 2 lbs., Shullsburg Creamery/Prairie Farms - $270/lb.
  • Traditional Colby Longhorn, 10 lbs., Arena Cheese - $150/lb.
  • Dill Havarti, 10 lbs., Decatur Dairy - $225/lb.
  • Smoked Provolone, 10 lbs., Agropur - $100/lb.
  • Rosemary and Olive Oil Asiago, 20 lbs., Sartori Cheese - $175/lb.
  • French Onion Dip, 2 lbs., Westby Cooperative Creamery - $300/lb.
  • Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese, 23 lbs., LaClare Family Creamery - $85/lb.
  • Pepper Jack Cold Pack Cheese Spread, 12 lbs., Pine River Pre-Pack Inc. - $275/lb.
  • Rhubarb Swiss Yogurt, 2 lbs., Yodelay Yogurt - $25/lb.
  • Low Fat Mango Kefir, 2 lbs., Weber's Farm Store - $125/lb.
  • Oaxaca Ball, 10 lbs., V&V Supremo/Chula Vista Cheese - $50/lb.
  • Chocolate Mascarpone, 2 lbs., Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese - $700/lb.
  • Feta, 18 lbs., Agropur - $75/lb.
  • Organic Salted Butter and Organic Cultured Butter, 20 lbs., CROPP Cooperative/Organic Valley - $400/lb.
  • Roth Buttermilk Blue Cheese, 12 lbs., Emmi Roth - $140/lb.
  • Buholzer Brothers Havarti, 10 lbs., Klondike Cheese Co. - $275/lb.