"Foaling Around with Wisconsin 4-H" at UW-River Falls

Wisconsin State Farmer
Jax Zajec (kneeling and holding Chris Clover, the 4-H mascot) and his siblings meet Casie Bass, Evan Henthorne, and Katie Stenroos along with Klover and Kitty.

UW-River Falls' Equine Breeding Program has completed their campaign called "Foaling Around with Wisconsin 4-H" designed for educational outreach.

Associate professor of animal science Casie Bass and 15 of her Equine Reproductive Techniques students worked with Evan Henthorne and Katie Stenroos, 4-H program educators for Adams and Douglas counties, respectively. The campaign was developed between February and May and involved creating educational videos, live Q&A sessions with young 4-H members and other outreach tactics to teach people about foaling, foal care, nutrition and other topics.

"Through the semester-long program, Wisconsin 4-H participants were able to continue gaining knowledge about horses and equine reproduction, as well as meet UWRF college students and UWRF horses, despite face-to-face restrictions due to COVID," a press release said.

Bass and her students hosted live Q&A sessions every other week with 100 4-H members and their parents after viewing the videos to explore all things equine. One 4-H participant, Jax Zajec, was given the opportunity to tour the equine facilities at the school and name one of the UW-RF foals born this past spring. He named it Klover, and also met its mother, Kitty.