Trembling Prairie Farms in full swing harvesting new celery crop

Wisconsin State Farmer
Farmer John Bobek stands in front of his celery field ready to be harvested.

Located in the muck soils of Green Lake County, Trembling Prairie Farms is in full swing harvesting a new crop - Wisconsin celery.

Consumers will be able to find the Wisconsin grown vegetable now through the first week of October at Meijer, Woodman’s and select retail grocers throughout the Midwest.

Trembling Prairie Farms, a family farm owned and operated by John and Connie Bobek along with their four children in Markesan, is in its tenth year of growing and packing locally grown celery serving the Midwest retail and foodservice markets.

The Bobek's started their celery-growing venture in a three acre field in 2012. Nine years later that venture has expanded to over 45 acres.

According to a news release, the farm starts with a Midwestern selected celery variety that grows extremely well in the Wisconsin climate. One of many advantages Trembling Prairie Farms Wisconsin Celery brings to the local market is celery at its peak freshness for a milder flavor and snappier crunch.

Long before that bunch of crisp celery arrives at the store, the crop is started in local greenhouses in late February to early April and is then transplanted in 12 different plantings. Celery planting in the muck soil begins on May 1 with the goal of the last planting to be in the ground by July 1.

 “We’re happy to be able to bring our locally grown Wisconsin Celery to the market,” said John Bobek. “Whether paired with peanut butter as a healthy kid-friendly snack, chopped in a salad for an outdoor gathering or is the key ingredient for the latest juicing craze that’s boosted celery to new heights, Wisconsin Celery offers a fresh taste for consumers looking for locally grown.”

While celery is known for its fiber value, two medium stalks of celery offer many nutritional benefits including vitamin C and potassium all for only 20 calories. In the U.S., consumers eat on average six pounds of fresh celery annually.

Sleeved Wisconsin Celery packaged and ready to be shipped to retail customers.

With its many nutritional benefits and versatility this crunchy, fiber-filling vegetable is delicious and good for you.  

Trembling Prairie Farms is a grower of Wisconsin red potatoes, yellow and red onions, and celery on 500 acres in Green Lake County. The family owned and operated business has grown to become a major supplier of Wisconsin-family farmer grown vegetables serving retail and foodservice markets.

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