Landmark, Countryside cooperatives merge into new cooperative, Alcivia

Grace Connatser
Wisconsin State Farmer
Alcivia is the new name for the merged Landmark and Countryside cooperatives.

Landmark and Countryside Cooperatives, which merged in March this year, have announced the name of their new combined cooperative – Alcivia.

President and CEO of the new cooperative, Jim Dell, who was also CEO of Landmark Cooperative, said the new name represents a feeling of togetherness among its employees, members and customers. The name also symbolizes the organization's "forward thinking and positive culture," he added.

"It was an exciting process that included extensive customer research and close collaboration between our marketing team, board of directors, CEO and a cross-section of employees from both legacy cooperatives," Dell said. "In the end, we arrived at a distinctive name we can call our own. It's a name that says we're all together on this journey."

The merger became effective Mar. 1, 2021, after the proposal received a "yes" vote from both cooperative's members late last year. Countryside Cooperative Frank Brenner has been helping Dell to ensure a smooth transition, though it doesn't appear that he has taken a permanent position with Alcivia.

Alcivia boasts high numbers as a new entity, with combined grain volume exceeding 39 million bushels and combined energy (diesel, propane and gas) landing at 82 million gallons. They also have 833 active employees with about half being full-time, as well as over 25,000 members and $625 million in annual sales.

Dell said the key parts of the merger involved marketing and logistics teams in major market research projects and cross-departmental collaborations. Through this, the new logo emerged. He also said that the cooperative has invested more in its input financing programs and has given employees more geographic flexibility so employees' families can move around more easily. Alcivia Cooperative covers parts of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.

Jim Dell

"Our goal was to bring like-minded, community-minded people together and bring a stronger entity to serve our membership in many different ways as we move forward," Dell said. "Our input financing programs played a big, big role. Combined together, we've exceeded $50 million of input financing this spring. ... This program turned out to be a very solid program for us."