Climate FieldView allows farmers to easily manage precision ag tools

Grace Connatser
Wisconsin State Farmer
Subscription-based Climate FieldView has 150 million subscribers across 23 countries.

If you're a farmer looking to improve your precision ag game, the Climate FieldView tool is a good bet.

Climate FieldView, made by The Climate Corporation (whose parent company is Bayer), provides easy and on-the-go access to data visualization straight from your field. It's available on iOS and Android and data can also be accessed on their website. The product has 150 million subscribed acres across 23 countries, said Kyle King, commercial product director for TCC.

"The US, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, UK and South Africa are really our major players," King said. "When we think about Climate FieldView and our partnerships with our dealers and our customers, we really want to make it easy for farmers and their trusted business advisors to work together through these digital tools and use that data to drive decisions."

There are three tiers of FieldView - Prime, Plus and Pro. FieldView Prime is free for all users and provides basic data with some cloud storage, while FieldView Plus costs $99 per year and adds analysis, satellite imagery, tracking history and other upgraded tools. Farmers can get FieldView Pro for an extra $1/acre to get seeding scripts and personalized recommendations.

King said their technology allows farmers to bring in data from multiple sources on the farm, enabling them to store it in one place, helpful with big decisions. He said they have partnerships with many industry players, like input suppliers, crop insurance agencies and aerial imagery companies. The data is also available in-cab.

Data is available in-cab as well as remotely anywhere that you have an internet connection.

"In theory, a farmer could be on the beaches of Fiji and their hired hand could be running the combine and they could be seeing their data just like you're sitting in the cab of the combine with them," King said. "(We also include) the old-fashioned way, the mechanism of what we call data inbox, which is really the physical transfer of data from a monitor to your computer and (you'll) be able to upload that into your account."

Having been on the market for six years, King said the product has helped farmers to micromanage their own fields and visualize their inputs in new ways, especially during the pandemic that has caused farmers to need broadband more than ever. He added that FieldView also includes offline options for when you're in a bad coverage area as well as on-device data storage that doesn't rely on the cloud.

"Broadband at the farm gate has been an issue for years. We look at it as an extremely important and essential utility that we need to really pay focus to. ... We want farmers to have that ability to collect data no matter where they're at," King said. "We want that to continue to be an easy way to collect data and not let broadband stop a farmer from collecting data with Climate FieldView."

King said FieldView will work for just about any farmer, but they see the most use and success from corn and soybean farmers as well as horticulture, cereal crop and cotton farms.