DFW marketing campaign "Cheeselandia" wins AdWeek award

Wisconsin State Farmer
Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin says their "For the Love of Cheese" Valentine's Day campaign was a huge success on social media.

The "Cheeselandia" marketing campaign from Wisconsin Cheese, the advertising arm of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, has won the "Best Influencer Campaign of the Year" award from AdWeek.

Wisconsin Cheese was recognized among major brands like Peloton, Harley Davidson and Nike, with AdWeek saying the campaigns "delivered results and accountability when it mattered most."

Cheeselandia was established four years ago as a marketing strategy for cheese, perhaps Wisconsin's best-known dairy product. The campaign shares the stories of cheesemakers, dairy farmers and cheese lovers and encourages family and friends to shared with their loved ones. The campaign has created content like recipes, events, contests and live TV appearances.

Chad Vincent

"It’s amazing that our non-profit organization is competing with and being recognized alongside some of the biggest and best marketing companies in the world. It’s a real testament to the incredible talent and passion we have here," said Chad Vincent, CEO of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. 

The campaign aims to enhance the reputation of Wisconsin Cheese on a nationwide scale, increasing sales and word-of-mouth advertising. There are 4,000 brand ambassadors located in all 50 states.