Grothman pushes Vit D importance in COVID fight

Wisconsin State Farmer
U.S. Rep.Glenn Grothman

Congressman Glenn Grothman introduced a House Resolution to recognize the significant role vitamin D may play in the fight against COVID-19.

The Wisconsin legislator pointed to claims of science and medical experts from the U.S. and abroad that sent an open letter to world governments stating clear evidence that Vitamin D reduces COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Throughout 2020, Grothman has discussed the possible benefits of vitamin D for COVID-19 prevention, citing medical research studies out of Northwestern University, University of Chicago, and Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, to name a few.

Grothman says the studies show a strong correlation between vitamin D deficiencies and negative COVID-19 patient outcomes, including severe symptoms, hospital stays, ICU admittance, and overall mortality rate.

Furthermore, the studies suggest those with healthy vitamin D levels are likely to fare much better against COVID-19 infection because of the benefits vitamin D intake can have for overall respiratory health and immune response.

Considered the nation's leading infectious-disease expert, even Dr. Anthony Fauci endorsed taking vitamin D supplements for immune system health and function.

“During the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, the world was in need of a treatment for this virus while we awaited a safe, effective vaccine,” said Grothman. “While we now have vaccines to prevent COVID-19, not everyone has access to them yet, there are two existing COVID variants we know of, and people are still dying from the illness every day."

Since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, Grothman says the public has been told to listen to the science regarding the disease.

"Now, 120 doctors from several of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions concur that there is overwhelming evidence that vitamin D can be effective in decreasing the severity of COVID-19, but our government’s top public health agencies still have not pursued this credible lead," said Grothman in the news release.

The Congressman said the "unwillingness of these agencies to investigate this lead has undoubtedly cost many lives".

Grothman is calling on the CDC, FDA, and NIH to study the connection between vitamin D deficiencies and COVID-19 and let the public know how this could help in the fight against the virus,"just as they have with other prevention methods during the pandemic," he added.

“If passed, my resolution will unite the voice of the House of Representatives in the search for additional ways to limit the negative effects of COVID-19 and hopefully encourage our public health establishment to issue much-needed guidance as to truly how effective vitamin D can be in preventing serious symptoms, complications, or death from the coronavirus,” he said.