Nominate your loved one to win a box of heart-shaped cheeses for Valentine's Day

Wisconsin State Farmer
Surprise your cheese-obsessed loved one with a Valentine's Day box of Wisconsin specialty cheese this year.

Wisconsin Cheese is offering Wisconsinites the chance to surprise their loved ones with heart-shaped cheese this Valentine's Day.

There are 500 free limited edition boxes to claim on the Wisconsin Cheese website. Each box contains five specialty Wisconsin cheeses along with a pre-written poem addressed to your loved one – you can choose from "sexy," "sweet" or "light-hearted." All you need is their name, address, Facebook and Instagram handles and a reason why you want to send them cheese.

The cheeses included in the box are chocolate mascarpone from Crave Brothers, butterkäse from Cedar Grove, black truffle cheddar gruyere from Wood River Creamery, buttermilk blue from Roth and maple bourbon cheddar from Henning's. Valentine's-themed cheese boxes and chocolate pairings are also available for sale if you don't want to wait.

"It’s the season of love, and this year we’re thinking beyond traditional symbols of romance for a more inclusive holiday that everyone can enjoy," said Suzanne Fanning, chief marketing officer of Wisconsin Cheese. "In Wisconsin, cheese is our love language, and we know many of our fans across the country feel the same way, so this is a “grate” way to celebrate with cheese lovers nationwide."

Valued at over $100, all the cheeses are made by Master Cheesemakers in Wisconsin.