New Glarus hen finalist in nationwide contest

Wisconsin State Farmer

The owner of a small blue cochin bantam from New Glarus, Wis., is crowing about her little fowl's latest accolade. Muffin, a member of Jessica Aasve's backyard chicken flock, was crowned Miss Congeniality in the 2020 Purina® Miss Flock-Tober® pageant. Miss Congeniality is awarded to the friendliest hen with the biggest personality.

Muffin, a Blue Cochin Bantam hen owned by Jessica Aasve of New Glarus, Wis., was recently crowned Miss Congeniality in the Purina® Miss Flock-Tober® contest.

Jessica Aasve entered Muffin to compete against hundreds of sweet, egg-laying hens to earn this honor.

“This is Muffin and she is hilarious – from her fluffy behind to the obnoxious egg song she sings to the entire neighborhood when she’s about to pop out an egg,” Aasve said in a news release.

“She doesn’t have the best manners and lays her eggs wherever she wants. In fact, the first time she laid an egg she popped one out right in front of us on the ground. It was quite a learning experience for the kids.”

Aasve says she has been raising chickens for two years and has a flock of four. Her favorite part of raising backyard chickens are the  fresh eggs. “It never gets old collecting them,” she says. “Plus, each chicken has her own personality, and they can be pretty entertaining.”

Miss Flock-Tober®, an annual event hosted by Purina Animal Nutrition on the Purina Poultry Facebook page, celebrates backyard chicken raisers and their strong, healthy chickens. As winner of the Miss Congeniality round, Muffin is now in the running to win the ultimate title of Miss Flock-Tober® 2020, with the grand prize of a year’s supply (14 bags) of Purina® poultry feed.

This year’s Miss Flock-Tober® contest kicked off the first week of October by celebrating all the new backyard chicken raisers who started flocks in 2020 to produce their own nutritious and delicious eggs.

The Purina® Flock-Tober® celebration continues through the month. The next round of Miss Flock-Tober® ends October 29 with the category of Miss Fancy Feathers. The top entry in each round of the Miss Flock-Tober® contest will move on to the finale round at the end of the month.