Dairy Farmers of America creates partnership to market new dry matter analyzer

Grace Connatser
Wisconsin State Farmer
The SCiO Cup was launched earlier this year as an easy way to analyze dry matter.

Dairy Farmers of America, Vita Plus and Feed Supervisor are teaming up with Consumer Physics, an agriculture technology company, to market the new "SCiO Cup," a lab-grade dry matter analyzer.

The SCiO Cup, which launched earlier this year, is portable and provides instant analysis of forage dry matter, which will help dairy farmers manage their forage and ensure consistent intake among their herds. Shaped like a mug, the device is smartphone-operated and can be used on the field for optimal decision-making at silage harvesting time.

The SCiO Cup analyzes all sorts of silage, including chopped corn, legume, grass, small grain, mixed grain and more. Data is also backed up on the cloud for easy storage and combined over time for trend analysis.

Vita Plus says they use the SCiO Cup in their daily operations in giving farmers expertise on feed management and herd nutrition. Feed Supervisor also helps farmers with feed and inventory management through their software programs. They say the SCiO cup helps farmers eliminate feeding inconsistencies due to weather.

The organizations believe this partnership will help market the product to 75,000 farmers across the country with a combined 9 million milking cows. DFA has 13,000 members. Consumer Physics is continuing to search for more partnerships in the US and internationally.