Sampler box offers variety of Wisconsin apples

Colleen Kottke
Wisconsin State Farmer
It’s your chance to try those unique Wisconsin apples that never make it to the grocery store inside this sampler box.

Wisconsin apple orchard owners are eager for consumers to sample the wealth of diversity growing right in orchards across the badger state. According to the Wisconsin Apple Growers Association, Wisconsin orchards grow over 300 different varieties of apples.

So, how do folks get the opportunity to expand their taste for the tree hanging fruit and try varieties like the heirloom Chenango Strawberry or a Maiden Blush apple? Well, now’s your chance …

The WAGA is partnering with their member family orchards to bring customers a Taste of Wisconsin Apples. The Wisconsin Sampler box will be shipped directly to customers from one of the associations' participating orchards and will contain a selection of favorite and heirloom apples ripened to perfection. It’s your chance to try those unique apples that never make it to the grocery store.

To order a Wisconsin Sampler box of 12 apples for $29.95 visit Inside this fresh apple box of 12, customers will receive a sampling of heritage and traditional apples and be able to view the varieties in the box on the website to learn more about them. It’s a great way to “taste” and “learn” about the apples that are Flavored by Wisconsin.

Now’s your chance … it’s a limited-time opportunity! Once the apples are picked, they’re gone.

The Wisconsin Apple Growers Association is a 501(c)(5) agricultural organization dedicated to educating growers on how to grow the best apples which are those Flavored by Wisconsin.