More than 3,500 farms have applied for second round of WI Farm Support Program

Grace Connatser
Wisconsin State Farmer
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Randy Romanski, secretary-designee of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection, said 3,559 farms have applied for aid from the second round of the WI Farm Support Program so far.

The application window opened for a second time on Aug. 10 and will close for the final time at 11:59 pm Aug. 24. There is still $8.4 million up for grabs out of the original $50 million pledged by Tony Evers as a stimulus package for Wisconsin farmers. Payments are expected to be issued in September. You can apply at the Department of Revenue's website.

Romanski said between one-third and one-half of the farmers applying for aid now fall between $10,000 and $30,000 in gross income based on 2019 tax returns. These farmers were previously ineligible to apply because the first round's minimum gross income requirement was $35,000.

"There was a need to expand eligibility and interest for farmers to continue to engage," Romanski said. "Having said that, we've also received applications from farmers across the board in income levels."

Just over half of eligible farmers applied for the aid the first time the program opened in July. Forty percent of farms receiving aid were dairy farms. Every farm received $3,500 in the first round, although in the second round the payment is expected to be less than that because only a fifth of the funding is now available.