Dairy farms lead state in most payments from WI Farm Support Program

Grace Connatser
Wisconsin State Farmer
Grant County received the most payments for the most applicants in the WI Farm Support Program with $2.6 million going to 745 farms.

Dairy farms have received the most money from the WI Farm Support Program, which disbursed $41.6 million in payments of $3,500 to farmers across the state as economic stimulus.

Data from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection showed 4,757 dairy farms received $16.6 million in July, representing nearly 40% of the total funds available. Runners-up to dairy farmers were 2,267 corn farms, receiving nearly $8 million; 1,632 beef farms, receiving $5.7 million; and 1,344 oilseed and grain farms, receiving $4.7 million.

Dairy farms represented 40% of the payment recipients of the WI Farm Support Program.

Grant County was also the county with both the most applicants and the most received payments, with 745 farms receiving $2.6 million in aid. The Department of Revenue compiled a county-by-county map showing which areas of Wisconsin received the most money. Runners-up to Grant County were Dane County with 579 farms receiving $2 million; Dodge County with 488 farms receiving $1.7 million; and Marathon County with 456 applicants receiving nearly $1.6 million.

Just over half of eligible farms in Wisconsin applied to the program, which is holding a second round of applications beginning July 10 and ending July 24 to release the remaining $8.4 million. The annual income minimum requirement on the application has been dropped from $35,000 to $10,000 in gross revenue. Most farms in the first round received one-time payments of $3,500, but the average number for the second round is expected to be lower due to less funds being available.