Cedar Crest Ice Cream now accepting applications for new flavor from 4-H clubs

Grace Connatser
Wisconsin State Farmer
Last year's contest winners, the Trail Blazers 4-H Club of Holmen in LaCrosse County, created the "Road Trip Wisconsin" flavor.

Cedar Crest Ice Cream and the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation are partnering to give Wisconsin 4-H club members the chance to create their new ice cream flavor.

A press release said 1,600 clubs are eligible to create the new recipe for the flavor set to come out next summer. 4-H members are encouraged to work together to create their own recipe from scratch and give it a unique name.

Some of Cedar Crest's flavors have already been created by 4-H clubs, including this year's flavor "Road Trip Wisconsin," submitted by Trail Blazers 4-H Club of Holmen.

"The most exciting part of the contest is the winning flavor will be available through Cedar Crest beginning next July," said Brenda Scheider, executive director of the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation.

Cedar Crest produces over 80 flavors of ice cream, sherbet, custard and sorbet. Other 4-H favorites include Deep Woods, from Badger Boosters 4-H Club of West Bend, and Wisconsin Campfire S’mores, from Springbrook 4-H Club of New Richmond.

A panel of "ice cream experts" will serve as judges for the contest. Entry information can be found on the Cedar Crest website. Entries are due November 13 and the winning club will be announced in December.