Brown Swiss Association names award winners

Colleen Kottke
Wisconsin State Farmer
The Meyer family poses with their cow, Jenlar Carter Waltz at the 2019 World Dairy Expo. The Meyer family won the Ira Inman PTPR Trophy in their division of 10-29 cows.

Several Brown Swiss breeders from Wisconsin were recognized during the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association's annual meeting held July 1-2 in Beloit.

During the meeting, held with only board members and office staff in attendance, the new president and national board members were announced. Tom Portner of Sleepy Eye, MN., will serve as president, while Laurie Winkelman, Appleton, representing District V was elected to the board. She will fill the role created by exiting director Dan Rieder of Monroe, WI.

Jenlar Holsteins and Brown Swiss, of Chilton, WI were recognized as the recipient of a National Award for their Brown Swiss dairy herd. Operated by Larry and Jennifer Meyer, the family has been milking cows for more than four generations. While they milk a total of 130 head – with only 20 being Brown Swiss – the operation uses robots.

This is the second year in a row that the Meyers have received the Ira Inman PTPR Trophy, which is based on a total progressive dairy program including breeding, feeding and management.

Winners are determined by assigning point values to protein, butterfat, milk, classification, percentage records received and number of years on DHIR official test. This award has four divisions based on herd size. 

According to Jennifer, the Brown Swiss are a part of their family heritage as the family descended from Switzerland, where Brown Swiss originated.

“We enjoy showing the Brown Swiss,” said Jennifer in a news release. “The kids love working with them.”

The Meyers believe in breeding for a balanced cow. They like to see high type with the ability to perform. “They need to work hard and produce well in order to stay in the herd,” she said.

Tom, Joan and Charlie Oberhaus, of Cozy Nook Farm, Waukesha, WI were awarded the Ira Inman PTPR Trophy and the Protein Genetic Herd Award for their division of farms with 50-99 cows.

Herd Awards

Joining the Meyers in the winners circle for herd awards were other Wisconsin breeders hailing from Waukesha, Athens, Prairie du Sac and Mt. Calvary.

  • Ira Inman Production & Type Performance Registry (PTPR) Trophy for Group 1 (10-29 cows): Larry and Jennifer Meyer, Chilton, WI.
  • Ira Inman PTPR Trophy for Group 3 (50-99 cows): Cozy Nook Farm, Waukesha, WI.
  • Progressive Genetic Herd Award for Group 1 (10-29 cows): Joseph Ploeckelman, Athens, WI.
  • Protein Genetic Herd Award for Group 2 (30-49 cows): Loehr Dairy LLC Mt. Calvary, WI.
  • Protein Genetic Herd Award for Group 3 (50-99 cows): Cozy Nook Farm, Waukesha, WI.
  • 2019 Continuous Test Award – 45 years Silver Bar: Switzer Tal Farm LLC, Prairie du Sac, WI.

Individual Awards

Kaisers Ace Ola owned by Tom Kaiser of Cuba City, WI was awarded the 2019 Living Lifetime Cow Award – Energy Corrected Milk (ECM). Her lifetime production totals are: 4,224d 2x 341,664m; 14,305f; 11,945p; ECM: 388,353m.

Mitch Kappelman, left, of Manitowoc, WI was awarded the 2020 Young Breeder Award.

The board also announced the 2019 Young Breeder Award Recipient, Mitch Kappelman of Manitowoc, WI. Minutes of the 2020 Annual Meeting along with the annual report for 2019 can be found on the website,

The Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders’ Association was established in 1880, registers 9,000 animals per year and serves about 1,800 combined adult and junior members.