Throughout the pandemic, the Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association post in Marion was closed to business in mid-March while other markets limited the number of people allowed in the sales barns.

After an in-depth analysis, Equity’s Board of Directors and Management team made the decision to not re-open the Marion livestock market.

In a news release sent out Monday, Equity officials cited the continued decline in livestock volumes and buyer support, making the operation no longer sustainable.

Officials noted that Equity will provide additional services to surrounding markets, allowing the cooperative to provide quality marketing opportunities to producers.

"We realize these other markets may not be as convenient to some producers, but our analysis shows this change will create more complete marketings for producers," said Equity President Curt Larson. “This was a very tough decision, but we cannot continue to operate a market where volumes have declined to a point the market is no longer sustainable."

According to the release, Equity Livestock staff is reviewing operations of neighboring markets to determine what services may be added at some of those markets to help better serve producers and especially fill any voids created by the closure of Marion.

Equity Livestock Cooperative Sales Association is a federated cooperative headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Equity operates 12 locations, and assists producers with the marketing, managing and fi nancing of their agricultural businesses.

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