DMI celebrates "30 Days of Dairy" in June

Wisconsin State Farmer
From farmers to athletes and chefs, DMI brought together dairy advocates for a “Raising Gallons” video released on June 1 in honor of National Milk Day.

Dairy Management Inc. is celebrating “30 Days of Dairy” throughout June for National Dairy Month.

The company is highlighting the strength of dairy farmers who have continued to provide the country with dairy products during a global pandemic, according to a press release. DMI brought together athletes, chefs and dairy farmers for a “Raising Gallons” video on June 1, National Milk Day, to kick off the month. The video featured people holding up a gallon of milk in support of dairy producers.

Other celebration activities include daily virtual tours of dairy farms as well as community contributions through social media. The company will also promote recipes with a heavy focus on dairy ingredients in response to the increase in home cooking due to families isolating amid the pandemic. The 30 Days of Dairy campaign will also be carried out through regional organizations, DMI said in the release, but all content will be available on their website.

DMI said that through its partnership with Feeding America, the company helped get dairy products to food-insecure families. The company also noted that MilkPEP, a dairy industry marketing company, is leading a “Give a Gallon” campaign and will match donations up to $100,000.

“The celebration of National Dairy Month has taken on new meaning this year given the global pandemic,” Heather Oldani, executive vice president of communications for DMI, said in the release. “Despite challenging times, farmers have shown a tireless commitment to waking up each morning to ensure a safe, nutritious supply of dairy is available at our grocery stores, in our homes and in community food banks.