Across Wisconsin signage is popping up on people's lawns, both in the city and in rural areas, urging folks to support the state's dairy industry.

To rally support for Wisconsin’s dairy industry – crippled by the coronavirus pandemic – FFA organizations and other agricultural groups are using the signs to not only promote the state's signature industry, but to generate funds to purchase dairy products.

Following the lead of other FFA chapters around the state, Whitewater FFA Vice President Elizabeth Katzman felt compelled to bring the idea to Whitewater where the proceeds from the sale of the signs along with donations would be used to purchase Wisconsin cheese and other dairy products for the Whitewater Food Pantry and The Community Space. Each sign costs $10.

“Being from a dairy farm family, I know firsthand how much work – and passion – goes into producing milk,” states Katzman, whose family milks cows in the Whitewater area. “To watch farmers dump thousands of gallons of milk – due to the shift in demand when schools and restaurants were forced to close – breaks my heart, especially knowing that our farm could be next.”

Through the sale of the signs, Whitewater FFA hopes to show support for the community’s dairy farmers – many of whom are Whitewater FFA alumni – and create awareness for the vital role Wisconsin’s dairy industry plays in feeding our hungry world.

“And, with an excess of dairy products on the market, it made sense for us to use the proceeds from the sale of the signs to buy Wisconsin dairy products for those in need in our own backyard,” Katzman concludes.

Those wishing to purchase signs should send their name and address to Katzman will arrange for contactless delivery to homes and businesses. Katzman can also be reached at 262-903-5525 for more information.

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