Despite a less than ideal growing season this year, farmers were able to post some impressive corn yield results for the 2019 corn yield contest sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association.

David Hula of Charles City, Va. turned in a bin-busting yield of 616.1953 bushels per acre, breaking the record in the 55 year old contest. Hula placed first in the Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Irrigated category, using Pioneer P1197YHR™.

According to contest officials, improved seed varieties, advanced production techniques and innovative growing practices, allowed corn growers to achieve many impressive yields across all categories again this year.

 “Yield contest participants create and share information that shapes the future of the industry while participating in friendly competition,” said Roger Zylstra, chair of NCGA’s Stewardship Action Team. “At both the state and national levels, contest winners find new ways to excel in a variety of situations. In turn, these innovations can help their fellow farmers face challenges as well. Our contest emphasizes invention and improvement, both from growers and technology providers, that enables U.S. farmers to meet the growing demand for food, feed, fuel and fiber.”

Tim Appell of Schullsburg, WI, placed second in the national standings on the Conventional Non-Irrigated category, posting 322.2517 bu/acre with Dekalb DKC64-34RIB.

The 27 winners in 9 production categories had verified yields averaging more than 383 bushels per acre, compared to the projected national average of 167 bushels per acre in 2019. While there is no overall contest winner, yields from first, second and third place farmers overall production categories topped out at 616.1953 bushels per acre.

Here is how Wisconsin NCGA members placed in statewide results:

Conventional Non-Irrigated—Appell, Shullsburg, first; Randy J Budden, Cuba City, second, Pioneer P1366AMXT™, 297.8497 bu/acre; Ron Digman, Mount Hope, third, Pioneer P1366Q™, 293.2836 bu/acre.

No-Till Non-Irrigated--Lori Vanboagert, Belmont, first, DEKALB DKC60-88RIB 283.5022 bu/acre; Rick DeVoe, Monroe, second, Pioneer P1055AM™, 281.8804 bu/acre; Kyle VanBogaert, Belmont, third, DEKALB DKC62-20RIB 281.1681 bu/acre.

Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Non-Irrigated--Matt Berget, Darlington, first, Pioneer P1366Q™, 297.0598 bu/acre; Patrick Kleiber, Shellsburg, second, AgriGold A640-77 VT2RIB 293.7015 bu/acre; Sam Metcalf, Janesville, third, Pioneer P0574AMXT™, 282.6846 bu/acre.

 Strip, Min, Mulch, Ridge-Till Irrigated--David Arndt, Janesville, first, Pioneer P0720Q™, 283.1765 bu/acre; Mark Bacon, Hancock, second, DEKALB DKC52-68RIB 268.9666 bu/acre; Matt & Gene Larsen, Baraboo, third, AgriGold A635-54 VT2RIB 262.4180 bu/acre.

Conventional Irrigated-- George Andrew, Evansville, first, Pioneer P1108Q™, 296.7839 bu/acre; Trip Downing, Whitewater, second, Pioneer P0720Q™, 287.6894 bu/acre; Tim Gaffron, Twin Lakes, third, Pioneer P0720Q™, 280.4583 bu/acre.

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