Host farm sought for 2022 Farm Technology Days

Wisconsin State Farmer
Wisconsin Farm Technology Days

While Clark County has been chosen to host the 2022 Farm Technology Days show, show officials are searching for a host farm.

Over the next three years there will be many opportunities to get involved to tell the story of Clark County agriculture. However, the first step in the process of hosting Farm Technology Days is to choose a host farm. The Clark County committee is extending an invitation to all Clark County farms to consider hosting the show.

“This decision should not be made lightly by any farm as it is a large undertaking.  However, it might be the most memorable undertaking of any farm,” said Chuck Rueth, chairman of 2022 Clark County Farm tech Days. "Hosting this show will provide many opportunities, along with chances to work with many new partners and the source of celebrations for years to come.”

Clark County first hosted Farm Progress Days (as the show was first known) in 1983 at the Clark Health Farm near Owen, Wis. The show came back to the county 22 years later in 2005 when it was held at the Malm family farm near Loyal, Wis. The Applied Technology Center made its debut at this show.

Clark County has hosted Farm Progress Days twice in 1983 and 2005 and will host the show again - now known as Farm Technology Days - in 2022.

Rueth says it is a great honor to be selected as a host; many people can remember the great farms that have been visited over the years through Farm Technology Days. Farm Technology Days is one of the biggest outdoor farm shows in the Midwest, requiring over 400 acres with a minimum of 70 acres set aside for the commercial exhibits in “tent city,” 80 acres for parking, and 250 acres of crops for field demonstrations involving tillage and hay harvest.

"If any farm feels they do not have enough acres, but many other attributes to the show, farms can also partner with a neighbor and apply jointly," Rueth said. "It has been common for two families to partner together to host Farm Technology Days.

Anyone with questions is asked to contact the UW-Extension Clark County Office at (715) 743-5121 or e-mail Richard Halopka at  Please do not hesitate to apply or suggest a host for this great show.  Applications are available at the Extension Office and will be mailed out.  Application deadline is September 9, 2019.