Bremmer to dispel myths about ag at Farm Tech Days

Kim Bremmer

If you’re involved in agriculture, there’s no doubt you’ve felt the pressure lately, whether it’s mother nature, activists or even your friends on social media! To help combat the misperceptions and misinformation Wisconsin Farm Technology Days – Jefferson County has teamed up with Kim Bremmer, a nationally recognized motivational agriculture speaker and founder of Ag Inspirations.

“When someone criticizes what we do for a living or a practice we use without knowing our environmental protocol, we often respond emotionally and that can make us look defensive and less approachable,” said Bremmer.

She will share her thoughts with youth participating Ag Career Day, an interactive career scavenger hunt on July 23rd. Bremmer’s focus during these sessions will focus on agriculturalists positioning responses to critics.

“With three sessions during Ag Career Day, she plans to make students aware of the voices and groups that may put a negative spin on an ag practice or process,” said Peter Curran of WFTD. “And because of that, she’ll give students some tips on ‘positioning’ their response to those that may challenge them,” he added.

Jefferson County will be hosting the 2019 Farm Technology Days

Also, on Wednesday, July 2,4 Bremmer will take the stage at 9 a.m. in the Future Generations Area and 3 p.m. on the Family Living Stage in the Rural Mutual Entertainment Center. These 45-minute sessions will be open to attendees of Wisconsin Farm Technology Days and allow an open forum to ask questions and have Bremmer provide guidance for specific situations.

“I will share strategies and language that helps make the ag community appear to be listening, learning and open to welcoming folks onto their farms to see what we really do,” said Bremmer.

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