Planting wrapping up but emerged crops lag in development

Carol Spaeth-Bauer
Wisconsin State Farmer
Corn emerged was reported at 82% last week with 52% in good to excellent condition.

Most of the rain held off until the weekend across the state as humid overcast conditions continued through last week. This gave farmers the chance to get lots of late planting done, but there were also many reports of prevented plantings, according to the US Department of Agriculture Wisconsin Crop Progress and Condition report.

It was the first week in months Calumet and Manitowoc county farmers had no rain and could wrap up most of their planting. 

"Dust could actually be seen as equipment rolled across the fields," the reported noted. "Ironically, a shower would be welcomed. Temperatures have still been in the 50s at night, so a little warm up would also be appreciated."

However, producers in Rock County had difficulty making dry hay as showers were frequent and the hay couldn't dry down. Most producers were wrapping hay in plastic or chopping, according to the reporter. 

In Clark County, planting and harvesting first crop hay were being done at once with the dry but cool week. 

"A lot of acres got planted this week and with changes to some of the prevent plant rules late in the week, more crops may be planted in July," the Clark County reported said.

Forage is "very short," the Marathon County reporter said. "Livestock producers are worried about going into winter without feed."

First crop hay was "not what producers were hoping for in Buffalo and Pepin counties. 

"Winterkill higher than anticipated after producers had reported and thought their hay made it through alright," the farm reporte said. 

Spring wheat is starting to head in Burnett and Washburn counties with oats expected to be shortly behind. But corn fields have yellow splotches and uneven corn. 

The Green County reporter said, "Corn heights vary from emerging to 30 inches. The widest range I have ever seen."

With corn planting at 93% complete, 15 days behind last year, corn emerged was at 81%, 17 days behind last year.

Soybean planting was 15 days behind last year at 80% complete with 60% of soybeans emerged. 

Oats was two weeks behind last year at 91% emerged.

Winter wheat was a week behind last year with 69% headed.

With the first cutting of alfalfa at 77% complete, 10 days behind last year, all hay condition was at 41% good to excellent, slightly better than last week. 

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