Dairy Task Force 2.0 adopts final report

Dairy Task Force 2.0 adopts report that includes 51 recommendations to maintain state's world leadership in dairy.

MADISON – The Wisconsin Dairy Task Force 2.0 voted unanimously to adopt their final report at a meeting in Madison on Friday, June 21, 2019. This report includes the 51 recommendations approved by the group at previous meetings.

“I am pleased to accept the final report of the Dairy Task Force 2.0 as their recommendations for the long-term success of Wisconsin’s dairy industry,” said Governor Tony Evers. “While the group’s work has completed, it is now time for all of us to consider how these recommendations could be implemented to maintain Wisconsin’s world leadership in dairy.”

The Dairy Task Force 2.0 Chair Dr. Mark Stephenson compiled the 51-page report. In addition to the recommendations, the report provides information about milk production, milk price volatility, and changing farm structure across the country.

“For nearly a year, Dairy Task Force 2.0 members have come together to roll up their sleeves and find consensus on recommendations,” added Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Secretary-designee Brad Pfaff. “We at DATCP are already finding ways to implement these recommendations. Our state’s dairy farmers are facing a triple whammy of low prices, uncertain international trade markets, and wet weather. Enacting policies that assist them in both the short and long term is of paramount importance.”

After more than 45 in-person meetings and teleconferences, the final report concludes the work of the Dairy Task Force 2.0. Recommendations highlight the need for additional investments in research, increased innovation, expanded market development, and strengthened connections across the industry.

“Our universities can play a role in helping Wisconsin’s critical dairy industry innovate and identify opportunities to succeed in an especially challenging environment,” said University of Wisconsin System President Dr. Ray Cross. “Dairy Task Force 2.0 was diligent in its work, and we are hopeful that the recommendations can improve the lives and work of farmers throughout our state.”

DATCP and UW System established the Dairy Task Force 2.0 in June 2018 to enable stakeholders to come together to make recommendations on actions needed to maintain a viable and profitable dairy industry in our state. The 31 members of the Dairy Task Force 2.0 included farmers, processors, and representatives of allied organizations.

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