Holstein Breeders welcome visitors during tours

Wisconsin Holstein Assocation
Those interested are encouraged to register by May 25, 2019 to avoid a $50 late fee as ticket sales will close on June 1.

BARABOO, Wis. — Attendees to the 2019 National Holstein Convention will have the opportunity to tour some of Wisconsin’s finest Registered Holstein® farms during the convention’s Host Day Tours on Tuesday, June 25, 2019. Guests will visit a variety of farming styles, hear about different breeding philosophies and enjoy lunch at the state-of-the-art Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center near Newton, Wisconsin. These tours are made possible with support from STgenetics.

Farms featured on Host Day tours include:

MilkSource Genetics, Kaukauna, Wis.:This family-owned show herd was established in 2007 and is striving to become one of the premier herds in the world. The Ostrom and Vosters families are honored to currently have 24 animals in their 60-cow herd classified as Excellent across three breeds. While many of their cows have been acquired over the years, more than half of the cows and majority of heifers were bred by the MilkSource Genetics team. A number of household names have been developed by MilkSource Genetics, including Weeks Dundee Anika, Blondin Redman Seisme-Red, Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha, Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red and Co-Vale Dempsey Dina 4270-ET.

Synergy Dairy, Pulaski, Wis.: Jay and Heather Jauquet operate the 475-milking cow dairy by their mantra “breeding cows you love to milk.” Jay and Heather took full ownership of the dairy from Heather’s parents in 2017, and the following year added room for additional cows with a tunnel-vented freestall barn with transition facilities. Choosing bulls with positive traits for pounds of combined fat and protein, moderate stature, strength and width, reproductive efficiency, somatic cell count and good, strong udders allows their Holsteins to make excellent production records and be genetic powerhouses. This, combined with astute calf and heifer care, creates bright futures for the Registered Holsteins at Synergy Dairy.

The new Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center provides a one-stop shop for all Wisconsin agricultural education.

Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center, Newton, Wis.: The new Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center provides a one-stop shop for all Wisconsin agricultural education. Included in the Host Day tours is a visit and lunch at the center. The center opened on July 28, 2018 with the goal of educating the public about agriculture by going beyond the barn. Educational displays cover the wide scope of Wisconsin agriculture from alfalfa to zucchini, dairy farming from cow to gallon and other topics such as nutrition, conservation and technology. Attendees can also view live calf birth in the Land O’ Lakes birthing barn.

Siemers Holstein Farm, Newton, Wis.: The Siemers name is well known for show ring success and is gaining ground by offering some of the nation’s top genomic males and females. The herd consisting of 2,900 cows has been a result of strategic growth and focus from brothers Dan and Paul as well as Dan’s wife, Janina, building on the family’s existing genetics. At the original home farm, the remodeled freestall barn now houses those animals with top genetic potential, both genomic and show type. For a number of years, Siemers Holsteins has topped the Gold Medal Dams, Dams of Merit and Gold Medal Sires lists, is a three-time Herd of Excellence honoree, and qualified for the Progressive Genetics Herd award for 27 years.

Hilrose Dairy, LLC, Sherwood, Wis.: Since 1921, the Brantmeier family has been dedicated to perfecting the art of farming. With the third and fourth generation on the farm, Joe and Chris Brantmeier and their sons Andy and Jeff, as well as daughter-in-laws Ashley and Bonnie, are continuing to carry on the Hilrose prefix. The 100-cow herd boasts an impressive BAA of 111.1 and has been recognized on the Progressive Breeders’ Registry for 31 consecutive years. This family has been recognized as a Herd of Excellence for eight years. The breeding focus at Hilrose is based on breeding well-made, high-type cows that are functional for all operations. Most recently, Hilrose Advent Anna-Red was recognized as the 2018 Wisconsin Cow of the Year.

Join us for a day filled with friends and great Wisconsin Registered Holsteins. To see more on these farms or to register for the convention, visit Those interested are encouraged to register by May 25, 2019 to avoid a $50 late fee as ticket sales will close on June 1.

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