Wisconsin’s traveling billboard receives new look

Dana Rady
Darci Laudenbach of CC Graphics in Wisconsin Rapids designed, printed and installed the new wrap.

Wisconsin’s traveling billboard and mobile education unit officially has a facelift. The 37.5-foot recreational vehicle that is appropriately called “The Wisconsin Spudmobile” is showing off its brand-new exterior wrap, which debuted in none other than the potato country of Stevens Point.

The vehicle was parked at the Holiday Inn Convention Center for the Grower Education Conference & Industry Show, February 5-6.

The updated wrap continues to tell a “field to fork” story, showcasing an image of a Wisconsin potato field and medley of fresh red and golden potatoes across the bottom, and exhibiting a prepared dish of roasted red and golden potatoes seasoned with rosemary.

On the driver’s side, the Wisconsin potato field and medley theme continue, with loaded baked russet potatoes as the prepared dish.

Both sides feature the call to action “Ask for Wisconsin Potatoes” and the name of Wisconsin’s sustainable and environmentally friendly grower program, “Healthy Grown.” The words “Mobile Education Unit” aptly describe the vehicle for people as they see it driving down the road.

The Spudmobile’s social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also highlighted with access information for anyone who wants to follow the vehicle on its journeys throughout the year.

The back of the Spudmobile, which is a 2012 Holiday Rambler Ambassador, is now a classy black that makes the name, website and “Powered by Wisconsin Potatoes” logo stand out for all to see.

On the back of the vehicle is a “Powered by Wisconsin Potatoes” logo over a black background with “Wisconsin Spudmobile” in red letters and a white outline. Red and white represent the team colors of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers, with the industry having strong ties to the school through potato research and education.

Another year on the road

This update is a great way for the Wisconsin potato and vegetable industry to celebrate the vehicle being blessed with another year on the road. The Spudmobile is truly one of our most valuable assets in communicating directly with consumers about where their food comes from. 

Updating the wrap helps keep the vehicle’s vitality alive as it continues to successfully educate people about potato nutrition, how and where potatoes are produced and the many ways to prepare healthy, easy and delicious Wisconsin potato dishes.

Darci Laudenbach of CC Graphics in Wisconsin Rapids designed, printed and installed the new wrap. She says the Wisconsin potato industry has always been an important part of her family and family business.

“Having the opportunity to be part of the Spudmobile was such an honor,” Laudenbach says. “A lot of work happens behind the scenes to make something like this come to life. It’s exciting to see the final product and I can honestly say I am happy with the results!”

Darci Laudenbach and her team, Todd Olaff (left) and Russ Voigt (center), are proud to have the vehicle ready for its debut at the WPVGA Grower Education Conference & Industry Show, February 5 and 6.

Laudenbach and her team spent about a week removing the current wrap while also printing and installing the new one. The Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA) Promotions Committee members couldn’t be happier with the results.

It’s very exciting that the Wisconsin potato and vegetable growers as well as the Associate Division members received a firsthand look at the new wrap this week in Stevens Point. With such a classy look, it did not disappoint.

The WPVGA Associate Division, of which Laudenbach’s CC Graphics is a member, generously decided to foot the bill for the updated wrap project, just as the Board did in 2014 when the vehicle was featured for the first time at the August Farm Tech Days in Portage County that year.

Supporting business members

The Promotions Committee appreciates having the Associate Division’s participation in and contributions to the WPVGA and Wisconsin’s traveling billboard, and it believes in supporting members’ businesses whenever possible.

While Laudenbach has owned CC Graphics for about 1 ½ years, she is no stranger to the Wisconsin potato and vegetable industry. As the daughter of Butch Fencil of Fencil Urethane Systems Inc., Laudenbach has been involved in various ways for some time.

“Growing up, the WPVGA has always been an important part of my family and family business,” Laudenbach says. “I really appreciate the association supporting their members’ businesses.”

WPVGA Promotions Committee Chairman Chris Brooks agrees. “I think it’s important to maintain the circle of business between growers and Associate [Division] members in the WPVGA,” he says.

Wearing its original wrap, the WIsconsin Spudmobile hit the road in 2014 and provides a farm to fork educational experiences for those who enter.

“This industry is unique in the fact [that] the Associate Division has found value and committed a lot of time and funding to the health of our industry. The only return those associates get is the improved profitability for growers creating a stronger business climate for those companies.”

It’s a team-oriented approach that not only strengthens local businesses and economies, but also a valuable agricultural industry.

With more updates for the vehicle on their way in 2019, the entire industry is happily celebrating another milestone and looking forward to many more.

Rady is director of Promotions & Consumer Education for WPVGA