Farmland once owned by Abe Lincoln nets $300K at farm auction

Associated Press

CHARLESTON, IL – Farmland once owned by Abraham Lincoln netted $300,000 on the auction block this week.

The 30-acre plot of farmland was part of a 590-acre farm owned by retired Illinois farmer Ron Best that was put up on the auction block this week. The 16th presidents farmland sold for $10,000 an acre, while the remaining 560 acres sold for $3.9 million, or just $7,000 an acre.

Best of Charleston, Ill., told the Times-Courier and Mattoon Journal-Gazette that some people may appreciate the land's historical significance during the auction.

He says the land has been farmed the entire time, adding: "It's not like Lincoln's stove pipe hat, that you can put on a shelf and say this was Lincoln's."

Lincoln bought 40 acres in 1841 from his cash-strapped father. Six acres became part of the current Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site. The remaining 34 acres were eventually sold.