MONTREAL - Canada's dairy leading fluid milk and cream processor, Saputo has rolled out JOYYA ultrafiltered milk, an all-Canadian dairy product and next step in the super-food movement.

JOYYA ultrafiltered milk claims to offer 75 per cent more protein and 25 per cent less lactose (sugar) than regular milk.

To determine whether or not Canadian preferred traditional milk compared to trendy plant-based alternatives, Saputo commissioned a nation-wide survey with Maru/Blue* to answer the question.

The survey revealed that 87% of Canadians still drink or cook with milk regularly and 40% consume it daily. In addition, 43% of Canadians choose milk for its protein while nearly one-third would prefer even more protein in their milk.

Over 90% of those surveyed reported that they wanted to purchase milk produce on Canadian farms.

Saputo says it is answering the call with a 100% Canadian milk solution—JOYYA ultrafiltered milk. 

"JOYYA ultrafiltered milk is more than milk, it is "ultramilk''. It's a simple choice that's packed with unique and quantifiable benefits," says Kim-Tuan Nguyen Vice-President, Saputo Strategic Business Development for Fluid, Bottling & Culture products. 

Ultrafiltered milk takes fresh milk and passes it through a series of specialized filters. This separates the milk components to concentrate the nutrients already found in milk, such as protein and calcium, while reducing the lactose (the naturally occurring sugar in milk).

Different from regular milk, ultrafiltered milk also offers extended freshness. When unopened and refrigerated, ultrafiltered milk stays fresh for up to 120 days from the production date.

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