Wisconsinites join National Dairy Shrine board of directors

Wisconsin State Farmer

Two new faces from Wisconsin have joined the new board of directors of the National Dairy Shrine.

The new 2018-2019 National Dairy Shrine board of directors was seated at the 69th annual meeting of the National Dairy Shrine, and includes front row from left,  Linda Hansen, Nate Janssen, Larry Schirm, Dan Bernick, and David Selner. Back row from left,  Jim Dickrell, Leah Ziemba, Madison, Wisconsin Matt Iager, Bonnie Bargstedt, Ken Raney, Fowler Branstetter, Dennis Funk,  Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, James Huffard, Royce Thornton, Stan Henderson, Randy Gross, and Janet Keller, Oregon, Wisconsin.

Dr. Dennis Funk of Sun Prairie and Janet Keller of Oregon were seated during the 69th annual meeting of the National Dairy Shrine, Joining them as newly elected members is Nate Janssen, Wheaton, Illinois was chosen as President-Elect. Elected to the Executive Committee along with Schirm and Janssen were: Dr. Dennis Funk, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Janet Keller, Oregon, Wisconsin, Joel Hastings, Madera, California and immediate Past President Dan Bernick of Long Grove, Iowa. 

Larry Schirm of Laurelville, Ohio was elected President of the organization.,

The new 2018-2019 National Dairy Shrine board of directors includes returning directors: Tim Abbott, Enosburg, Vermont, Bonnie Bargstedt, Kinderhook, New York, Fowler Branstetter, Edmonton, Kentucky, Jim Dickrell, Monticello, Minnesota, Randy Gross Sr., Elkton, South Dakota, Stan Henderson, Paso Robles, California., Matt Iager, Boonsboro, Maryland, Ken Raney, State College, Pennsylvania, Karen Wheatley, Crumpton, Maryland, Dan Schimek, Eagle Lake, Minnesota, and Leah Ziemba, Madison, Wisconsin.  Newly elected directors include, Linda Hansen, Goodridge, Minnesota, James Huffard, Crockett, Virginia, Rita Kennedy, Valencia, Pennsylvania and Royce Thornton, Wooster, Ohio.

At the annual NDS board meeting the National Dairy Shrine directors approved the continuation of fulfilling the mission of the NDS founders of preserving dairy history and honoring the past, present and future dairy leaders.