Culver's allows guests to support Wisconsin dairy farmers

Starting Oct. 22, farmers can be nominated to receive a care package

Wisconsin State Farmer
Culver's Thank You Farmers project logo

Anyone who knows a dairy farmer, knows things are tough right now as they deal with the ramification of trade wars, collapsed prices of milk and other commodities. Wisconsin lost 47 dairy farms in August, putting the state on pace for its worst year since 2013. Since 2017, more than 650 Wisconsin dairy farms have gone out of business. 

More than three decades ago, Culver's got its start with the help of Wisconsin dairy farmers and is committed to efforts that help dairy farmers today and into the future, according to a news release from Culver's. 

Since Culver's has long believed in the importance of supporting their neighbors — especially in tough times like those dairy farmers are facing — Culver's is setting out to allow guests to do something special for Wisconsin dairy farmers starting Oct. 22.

How it works

Guests can go online to visit to identify and nominate a Wisconsin dairy farmer. Culver's will then send a care package to the farmer within two weeks of their nomination. 

According to the news release, Culver's is hoping to send out at least 500 care packages to Wisconsin dairy farmers that include Culver's gift cards and certificates for farm families and their employees. 

“We wanted to create a way for people to feel like they could do something for Wisconsin dairy farmers,” said Joe Koss, president and CEO of Culver’s. “Even if it’s something as small as letting them know others are thinking of them.”

You can learn more about how Culver's supports agriculture at