A Wisconsin team claimed the National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest for the second year in a row at the World Dairy Expo on Oct. 1. 

This local winning group consists of Cole Mahlkuch, Brian McCullough, Rachel McCullough and Clayton Mahlkuch and was coached by Mike Marean.

Coming in a close second place finish overall and sixth in reasons, was the Minnesota team of Kjersten Veiseth, Jay Dicke, Owen Scheffler and Madelyn Wehe. Awna Hirsch, of Colorado, took home the honor of high individual overall while Ainsley Peterson of Florida won the reasons portion.

Teams and individuals receiving recognition include:

Top 10 teams – overall

  1. Wisconsin, 2,041, team members: Clayton Mahlkuch, Cole Mahlkuch, Brian McCullough and Rachel McCullough, coached by Mike Marean
  2. Minnesota, 2,040, team members: Kjersten Veiseth, Jay Dicke, Owen Scheffler and Madelyn Wehe, coached by Tony Scheffler
  3. Maryland, 2,028, team members: Dylan Hill, Tiffany Green, Charles Patterson V and Ryan Allen, coached by A. Dennis and W. Carlisle
  4. Colorado, 2,027, team members: Awna Hirsch, Megan Podtburg, Kyndall Tucker and Morgynne Tucker, coached by K. Maxey and D. Carpio
  5. Pennsylvania, 2,019, team members: Victoria Clark, Kyle Vanderfeltz, GW Sebright and Quinn Dum, coached by Chad Dechow
  6. Florida, 2,012, team members: Jozef Heijkoop, Ainsley Peterson, Karen Kotlarczyk and Gracie Lee, coached by Gene Holcomb
  7. Kentucky, 1,985, team members: Sydney Warren, Evan Stilts, Amelia Floyd and Noah Dunning, coached by Larissa Tucker
  8. Vermont, 1,979, team members: Isabel Hall, Seth Carson, Maddie Nadeau and Joseph Real, coached by Elizabeth and Ricky Hall
  9. New York, 1,979, team members: Grace Harrigan, Rachel Rouland, Heidi Moss and Bryce Windecker, coached by Douglas Waterman
  10. Ohio, 1,952, team members: Sarah Quallen, David Miley, Sarah Rhoades and Samuel Jackson, coached by Sherry Smith

Top 10 individuals – overall

  1. Awna Hirsch, 707, Colorado
  2. Brian McCullough, 700, Wisconsin
  3. Jay Dicke, 696, Minnesota
  4. Kjersten Veiseth, 691, Minnesota
  5. Ainsley Peterson, 689, Florida
  6. Sydney Warren, 687, Kentucky
  7. Isabel Hall, 685, Vermont
  8. Blake Courtney, 685, Iowa
  9. GW Sebright, 682, Pennsylvania,
  10. Ryan Allen, 680, Maryland

Top 10 teams – reasons

  1. Florida, 674, coached by Gene Holcomb
  2. Kentucky, 658, coached by Larissa Tucker
  3. Vermont, 653, coached by Elizabeth and Ricky Hall
  4. New York, 649, coached by Douglas Waterman
  5. Pennsylvania, 644, Chad Dechow
  6. Minnesota, 643, Tony Scheffler
  7. Colorado, 642, K. Maxey and D. Carpio
  8. Michigan, 640, Joe Domecq and Sarah Black
  9. Maryland, 634, coached by A. Dennis and W. Carlisle
  10. Wisconsin, 626, coached by Mike Marean

Top 10 individuals – reasons

  1. Ainsley Peterson, 235, Florida
  2. Awna Hirsch, 230, Colorado
  3. Sydney Warren, 228, Kentucky
  4. Brian McCullough, 226, Wisconsin
  5. Isabel Hall, 225, Vermont
  6. GW Sebright, 224, Pennsylvania
  7. Ryan Allen, 222, Maryland
  8. Miriam Cook, 222, Michigan
  9. Jozef Heijkoop, 222, Florida
  10. Jay Dicke, 221, Minnesota

The National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest is made possible in part through the generous support of Platinum Level Sponsor Channel Seed; Gold Sponsors, DeLaval, Inc., ST Genetics and Westway Feed Products; and additional supporters.

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