National Farmers Union: Farm Bill not expected to before Sept. 30

Wisconsin State Farmer
National Farmers Union

With the 2014 Farm Bill set to expire on Sept. 30 and no updated bill to replace it yet, the National Farmers Union (NFU) is urging producers to take action by contacting members of the Farm Bill Conference Committee.  

"Though the farm bill conference committee has been working to reconcile the difference between the House and Senate versions of the legislation since early September, there are still outstanding disagreements about funding for conservation and nutrition programs as well payment limitations for commodity programs," a NFU press release stated. 

According to the news release, if the committee fails to come to a consensus before Sept. 30, Congress can either vote to extend the current farm bill or allow it to expire. 

"If the latter occurs, several programs that National Farmers Union cares about will likely lose authorization and funding," the NFU release stated. 

A list of conferees and more information on the 2018 Farm Bill can be found at