Five things you won't want to miss at Farm Technology Days

Wisconsin State Farmer
2018 Farm Technology Days, Wood County

With so much to see and do at Farm Technology Days, it's hard to hit everything of interest. Here are five stops you might want to make when visiting the 2018 event.

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days will be held in Wood County July 10 - 12, 2018 near Marshfield. D&B Sternweis Farms and Weber's Farm Store/Heiman Holsteins will serve as hosts for the three-day event.

Hemp production resources

Farmers who are interested in learning more about industrial hemp production can have their questions answered at Innovation Square, located in the heart of Tent City at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. 

Hemp is the common name for plants of the Cannabis strains cultivated for industrial (non-drug) use. Industrial hemp has many uses and Wisconsin is talking about it. 

Experts will be on hand to discuss the new law that allows farmers to grow the crop. They will also share ideas on how to grow and market the plant as an agricultural commodity.

Farmers who are interested in learning more about industrial hemp production can have their questions answered at Innovation Square, located in the heart of Tent City at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days.

Latest in ag technology

Marshfield Clinic Health Systems Innovation Square is located between 6th Street North and 6th Street South and Central and University Avenues. The Square will highlight the latest technology offered by agricultural companies and university faculty.

Innovation Square will also showcase the three main agricultural industries in Wood County along with the county's beautiful parks. Marshfield Clinic Health Systems will be offering health information and screenings. 

Learn about our family owned dairy processors and visit a display of forestry equipment. Visit the food market to take home some delicious products grown and processed right here in Wood County. 

A scale model of the World’s Largest Round Barn will be on hand, the focal point of our fairgrounds along with models designed and built by local students. Stop by the Wood County Parks booth and find out about the outdoor recreation opportunities in Wood County. 

Equine Area to feature Billy Yorder

If you like horses, check out what's happening in the equine area. 

Billy Yoder Horsemanship: Born and raised in rural Wisconsin, Billy found himself drawn to horses from a young age. As he grew older he found his talent for horse training and left home to learn natural horsemanship techniques. After attending Road to the Horse, he spent time as an intern for Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship.

The equine area at Farm Technology Days will feature Billy Yorder, Mounted Justice, Meyer hitch pyramid and Milkbuds.

Billy uses step-by-step training methods that make it safer and easier for both horses and people to learn. He says that his passion is not only to train horses, but also to help people communicate better with their horses. He strives for safe, willing, and responsive horses, regardless of whether the horse will be used in the show ring or out on the trail.

Mounted Justice: Mounted Justice is the only Wisconsin-based cowboy mounted shooting club. In the fast-growing sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting, participants shoot 10 balloons from the back of their horse with single action revolvers and blank ammunition. It is a timed event.

Meyer 10-horse hitch pyramid: The Meyer Family started driving the pyramid at Farm Technology Days when it was hosted in Clark County in 2005. The Pyramid Hitch is different in that the ten horses are hitched in a “bowling pin” pattern. There is one lead horse out in the front, followed by a team, then three, and four horses in back or on the wheel. What’s uncommon about the hitch is that no horse is directly in front of another horse. 

Milkbuds: The Milkbuds are a family of ponies. Since 1974 the Schottlers have exhibited and performed with them in states from the Midwest to the East Coast.

Life Link III med chopper, drone demos

The new air medical helicopter used by the Marshfield Clinic Health Systems will be on display at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. Life Link III, which operates seven other med choppers throughout the Upper Midwest, provides critical care pre-hospital services from accident scenes and also offers transport services for local hospitals that need to get patients to other facilities for higher care.

The new air medical helicopter used by the Marshfield Clinic Health Systems, Life Link III,  will be on display at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days.

"Life Link III's industry-leading on-board medical capabilities and innovative technology set us apart from other air medical transport services," said Kolby Kolbet, vice president of clinical services. "Our clinical staff undergo extensive, continual in-service education to ensure the most advanced critical care and technology are provided to patients requiring specialized care."

Visitors of the farm show in can take a look inside the helicopter while walking the grounds. 

Also at Farm Tech Days, certified operators of unmanned aerial vehicles will be available demonstrating their drone technology.

Both the aircraft and drone demonstrations will be located on the southeast corner of Tent City.

Airplane rides over Tent City

If you want to see what Farm Technology Days looks like from up above, you may be interested in taking a flight over the show's grounds.

Jeffrey Gaier is the manager of the Marshfield Municipal Airport and owner of Duffy’s Aircraft Sales and Leasing Inc. His organization is offering a quick flight over Tent City and D&B Sternweis Farms during show hours on July 10-12 near Marshfield.

Fam Technology Days visitors can enjoy a bird's eye view of the event with a $10 per person plane ride taking off from the Marshfield Municipal Airport.

"The rides will be offered from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the event for $10 a person," Gaier said. "We can take three people up in a plane at one time depending upon their size. It will all be dependent on weather or course."

The Marshfield Municipal Airport is located at 400 West 29th Street, Marshfield, WI 54449. 

For more information, Gaier can be reached at 715-387-2211.