Allison Thompson's cow Random Luck B Tea Rose has earned some pretty substantial bragging rights.

The 6-year-old Brown Swiss from Darlington is the breed's newest Excellent 95-point cow. Tea Rose was scored E95 in April and was approved by the committee later than month and has earned the designation of being just the sixth cow to reach the breed's maximum score.

According to the Brown Swiss Association Tea Rose first calved at 1-10 and calved for the fourth time at 4-11. Her complete record is 4-11 365 2x 23,650m 4.8% 1130f 3.4% 812p.

The cow is no stranger to success in the show ring. Tea Rose's impressive winnings include being the 2017 Reserve All American Aged Cow, 2016 Reserve All American 5-Year Old, and 2015 Honorable Mention All American 4-Year Old. Including group classes, she has been nominated seven times.

Sired by Mort Legacy Bonanza, Tea Rose is the 6th generation of Excellent cows.  

Allison is the daughter of Rick 'RT' and Lisa Thompson.

Go to for more information on the Brown Swiss breed.

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