Wisconsin Corn hosts international ethanol delegation

Wisconsin State Farmer
Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

MADISON – The Wisconsin Corn Program recently hosted a delegation of nearly a dozen industry and government officials from Asia and Oceania on a two-day tour following the U.S. Grains Council’s Ethanol Summit of the Asia Pacific in Minneapolis, Minn.

The Summit highlighted the use of ethanol in transportation fuels to help meet challenges, including improving air quality, upgrading the current fuel supply and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Wisconsin delegation, which included representatives from Pakistan, Myanmar, Australia and New Zealand, toured Ace Ethanol, Eron Beef LLC, a Kwik Trip blending facility, Hartmann Farms and Roger Rebout & Sons Farm.

“We are proud to welcome our trade partners from around the world to come here and learn about our agriculture industry and the many products we have to offer,” said Doug Rebout, Wisconsin Corn Growers Association president. “It is important that we take this opportunity to invite international partners to our farms and agribusinesses to show them the passion we have and the quality products we produce. We want to thank this trade group and the U.S. Grain Council for letting Wisconsin Corn be a part of this important tour.”
“We appreciate Wisconsin Corn hosting this important group of high-level officials from Asia and Oceania so they have a better understanding of our ethanol story in the U.S.,” said Deb Keller, U.S. Grains Council chairman. “Allowing these representatives to see the entire ethanol value chain — from farmers to industry — will give them a clearer idea of how ethanol contributes meaningfully to the environmental, human health and economics benefits of those who use them.”