Many public universities collaborate on international research and outreach efforts, but you may not understand the impact that this work can have even for farmers in the Midwest.

We have assembled three new videos in a series, in an effort to demonstrate our impact in conducting collaborative research and outreach work. This work is ongoing and is being conducted in Chile and here in the Midwest.

The focus is to produce soybean germplasm that is highly resistant to white mold, a major disease in the upper Midwest.

This research is funded by the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board and the North Central Soybean Research Program. Travel support for graduate student, Megan McCaghey, was all made possible by the Walter R. Stevenson Fund for Graduate Student Travel.

This collaborative effort includes researchers here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Researchers at Iowa State University, including Dr. Daren Mueller. We would like to thank Brandon Kleinke, Iowa State University, for his work in shooting video footage and assembling this video series.

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