State milk production relatively unchanged

Wisconsin State Farmer

The USDA reported that milk production in Wisconsin during February 2018 totaled 2.33 billion pounds, up less than 1 percent from the previous February, according to the latest National Agricultural Statistics Service – Milk Production report.

National milk production for February is up 1.8%.

While the average number of milk cows during February remained unchanged from last month at 1.28 million head, the overall cow numbers are down 5,000 from this time last year. Milk per cow was up 10 lbs. over last February.

While Wisconsin milk production remained relatively unchanged, other states on the west coast saw milk production inch upward. For two months in a row, California reported increased milk production up 3.5% in February. 

Although the state didn't add any cow numbers, its cows put more milk per animal in the bulk tank. According to the recently released report, California cows averaged nearly 3 lbs. per cow per day. Overall cow numbers in the state are down 17,000 head from a year ago.

Other states that saw significant gains in milk production were Colorado, up nearly 8% from a year ago and Utah up nearly 7%. Both states also saw an increase in cow numbers. Colorado is up 12,000 head from last year and Utah up 16,000.

Nationally, February milk production increased 1.8% over a year ago. Cow numbers also climbed 45,000 head to 9.4 million. Milk per cow also made gains, climbing 24 lbs. per cow over February 2017.